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How to start a public wave

GoogleWave has caused much noise among geeks.  Li Zunlong spared me an invitation and I finally got my google wave account. I logged in and out and nothing seemed to happen until today when I learnt how to search for public Wave. It is exciting! Well, I am not sure it is a revolution yet, but it certainly is very different from any existing web-based applications!

Very soon I wanted to start a public wave (topic) myself. I searched google and found nothing and I searched inside GoogleWave and found this (sorry that I don’t know who this article should be attributed to):

How To Find Public Waves

you search group:[email protected]. To find only English waves search lang:en. Add tags to refine your search: tag:wavedev for example. (Add your friends to this wave so they can see these directions.). See step 4 below for a list of tags you can search. You can remove blogger posts with -with:[email protected]

You can also search for “with:public” to read all the WAAVVVESS.

If you are just getting started and need help, try searching group:[email protected]

How To Make Public Waves

1. add [email protected] (not googlewave!) to your contacts in the lower left, using the (+) next to “Manage contacts”.

It will say the account doesn’t exist, PRESS the Enter Key to add anyway! (not click the button)

2. Add this public contact to a wave you want to have be made public

3. A Yellow/Beige bar will appear saying “Everyone has access to this wave.” This means the wave is public.

4. None of the above work for some users due to yet another bug. A good workaround is to add [email protected] instead.


  • Dallas

    Hi Mrs Rehim,

    I tested English to Arabic here at my computer and it works fine. Do the google translate buttons work in your computer? Please make sure you are using the latest version of GT4T. Contact me again if the problem persists.

    Check out this link for the latest version: http://dallascao.com/gt4t

    Thank you.


  • Mrs Rehim

    Thank you for Google translate.
    I have a problem with it.
    My language direction in English – Arabic.
    on using the dictionary button, it gives Chinese stuff, don’t know why!!
    Kindly advise me on what I can do to avoid this.

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