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BatchReplacer, search and replace mutiple files

BatchReplacer is a tool that search and replace all the Microsoft Word supported files under one folder and its subfolders. It is very useful when you work on a project that involves in a large number of files and you want to replace the translation of a keyword.

I once worked on a large project which involves hundreds of word .doc files. The translation agency built a glossary. But as we translated, we felt that translations of some keywords should be changed.

Yes, I simply need to hit “ctrl+H” and pick “replace all”. But it is such a headache to open all files one by one to repeat the same operation. I need a program that does multple file replacing. Finally I got some time to make this little program (special thanks to Ibrahim Elnazak and Brad Martinez). It’s developed out of Ibrahim (Ibby) Elnazak’s Macro code (http://word.mvps.org/faqs/macrosvba/BatchFR.htm) The program should run properly if you have VB6 runtime and Microsoft Office installed on your computer. I hope you will find it useful. This program also supports .itd or other plain text file types.


Discussion: http://www.proz.com/topic/99659

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