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Make Windows 10 Mail work with custom SMTPs

I run my own mail server but I want to use smtp.sendgrid.net to send mails so I can see whether my mails are delivered and opened.

Windows 10 Mail is a great app, except that it doesn’t work. Microsoft is stupid. It will create a program with critical bugs but will never correct it.

Here we go,

You set up an account, and choose Advanced options.

At SMTP, deselect ‘Use the same username and password for sending mails’ and provide your SMTP information.

SMTP server: smtp.sendgrid.net:587 # yes Mail only tries to connect to port 25. Stupid. Adding 587 will ask Mail to connect to 587.
SMTP username: apikey
SMTP password: %your sendgrid apikey%

And click “connect”. Mail then tells you all goes well.

BUUUUUUT, don’t be happy too earlier. DON’T TRY TO SEND A MAIL. It will just mess up the whole account because you will be asked to fill in the password again and again. The mail won’t send even though everything is correct.

Because, deselecting ‘Use the same username and password for sending mails’ is not remembered! And Mail will try to connect to your SMTP server using your email account’s credentials!

So you now need to right click on the account and click ‘account settings’ -> options for syncing your content->Incoming and outgoing mail server info.

And DESELECT ‘Use the same username and password for sending mails’ again and click SAVE.

Now it works.

What a horrible horrible bug. Microsoft fails to correct it one year after another.

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