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Google Translate for Translators (GT4T)


It works a charm! I really believe this is a correct use of MT, and applaud your inventiveness.

William Gray William [Bill] Gray, English/Norwegian/Danish/Bokmal Translator

GT4T has it’s own webpage now. Please go to https://gt4t.net/ for updated information and download.

Google Translate for Translators (GT4T) is a translator’s productivity tool that seamlessly integrates Google Translate into all text applications. It can help you translate faster by replacing selected source text of your choice with translations from Google.


X 64-bit Download

GT4T: 5 Star Award at kingdownloads.com !


GT4T pro works in all applications. GT4T pro is an unobstrusive stand-alone Windows application. After running it in the system tray, you can then use the system hot keys it provides in Word, Trados, Wordfast, notpad, webpages, etc. In fact, the hot keys work anywhere you can type text.

Select and hit the hot key. Whenever and where-ever you select some text (Always use CTRL+SHIFT+Right or Left Arrow to select texts. It will be much faster than using the mouse!) and hit the hot key (CTRL+J by default), the text will be replaced by its translation from Google Translate.

Special hot keys for various CAT tools. If you are using TagEditor, Translator’s Workbench, Trados 2009, Wordfast pro and SDLX, Hit CTRL+ALT+J, the current segment will be automatically translated and hit CTRL+ALT+K, the next segment will be automatically translated.

Many Language pairs: Google Translate translates between 52 languages and GT4T supports all languages pairs that GT works with! Check Google Translate website for a complete list of available languages.

GT4T never expires! GT4T is not a freeware, but you can use the trial version as long as you wish. A nag screen will appear occasionally after you use it 500 times but you don’t have to pay – if you don’t mind being nagged:)

Google Dictionary & Plain Text Pasting: Select a word anywhere and press down CTRL+SHIFT+D to check the word in Google multilingual dictionary instantly. Press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste text without format information (font, size, color, etc). These functions are free: you will never get nag screens when using them.

GT4T is available in two versions: Word Edition and Professional Edition. Word Edition is an word add-on that works within Microsoft Word and Professional Edition Works in all applications. The two versions can coexist on one computer. If you buy the license for the pro edition, the Word edition will also be licensed.

Hot keys Summary:

Word Edition Professional Edition Action
CTRL+ALT+H CTRL+J Replace selected text with its translation from Google Translate
CTRL+SHIFT+V CTRL+J Copy some text and paste the translation elsewhere.

Replace with translation followed by source text in bracket,e.g.

“love” is replaced by “爱 (love)”

CTRL+ALT+D CTRL+SHIFT+D Check Google on-line dictionary
CTRL+SHIFT+V CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste plain text (text with no format information)

Translate current segment (Workbench, Tageditor, Trados2009, SDLX,

Wordfast pro)


Translate next segment (Workbench, Tageditor, Trados2009, SDLX,

Wordfast pro)

CTRL+ALT+G Set up language pair

Support: You are always welcome to contact me about anything. You can use the Contact me page to send me an email. I use cell phone pushmail technology so I usually can receive your mail instantly and reply to it very quickly (Except sleeping time of course!).


  • Dallas

    Hi Remo,

    The pro version works with any application including SDLX.


  • Remo

    Hi Dallas, when will the version for SDLX be ready? Thanks and congratulation for this excellent tool!!!! Remo

  • Dallas

    hi Mauricio,

    If you change a computer, just write to me and I will provide you a new code. Denise has got his new activation code immediately after I received his message.


  • Mauricio Mor

    I think it is very important to know the licensing policy when we format the HD or change a computer. As it is in Denise case…

    Mr. Dallas, can you clarify?



  • Denis

    Dear Dallas,

    I just had a bad surprise today. When installing GT4T on my new PC (Windows 7 x64), it keep telling me that my activation code isn’t valid. Will I need a different code for each OS? I tried to email you, to no avail. Both your gmail address and your @dallascao.com address keep bouncing back.

  • Guillaume

    Dear Dallas,

    I like your idea. Even if I did not test it already, I will for sure do it soon. Ande, before anything else, I will publish a post on my blog, the translation’s observer (L’Observatoire de la traduction) : http://blog.anyword.fr

    Thanks again, and all the best !


  • Dallas

    Dear Mauricio,

    I will release a new version as soon as possible to make it work. In fact, that just happened around one week earlier.


  • Mauricio Mor

    Dear Dallas,

    I tested the SW and it works fine but what will happen if Google alters its website layout??? Will it be working yet???

  • Dallas

    Hi Shri,

    The bug is fixed. Please download the new version.


  • Dallas

    Hi Shri,

    This is because Google mistakenly regards the period as end of sentence, which sometimes is not. I will try to fix this next week.I am sorry for this delay as I am too busy with translation projects this week.