Google Translate for Translators (GT4T)


It works a charm! I really believe this is a correct use of MT, and applaud your inventiveness.

William Gray William [Bill] Gray, English/Norwegian/Danish/Bokmal Translator

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Why GT4T is useful

Google Translate for Translators (GT4T) is a translator’s productivity tool that seamlessly integrates Google Translate into all text applications. It can help you translate faster by replacing selected source text of your choice with translations from Google.

   X 64-bit Download   GT4T: 5 Star Award at !

GT4T pro works in all applications. GT4T pro is an unobstrusive stand-alone Windows application. After running it in the system tray, you can then use the system hot keys it provides in Word, Trados, Wordfast, notpad, webpages, etc. In fact, the hot keys work anywhere you can type text.

Select and hit the hot key. Whenever and where-ever you select some text (Always use CTRL+SHIFT+Right or Left Arrow to select texts. It will be much faster than using the mouse!) and hit the hot key (CTRL+J by default), the text will be replaced by its translation from Google Translate.

Special hot keys for various CAT tools. If you are using TagEditor, Translator’s Workbench, Trados 2009, Wordfast pro and SDLX, Hit CTRL+ALT+J, the current segment will be automatically translated and hit CTRL+ALT+K, the next segment will be automatically translated.

Many Language pairs: Google Translate translates between 52 languages and GT4T supports all languages pairs that GT works with! Check Google Translate website for a complete list of available languages.

GT4T never expires! GT4T is not a freeware, but you can use the trial version as long as you wish. A nag screen will appear occasionally after you use it 500 times but you don’t have to pay – if you don’t mind being nagged:)

Google Dictionary & Plain Text Pasting: Select a word anywhere and press down CTRL+SHIFT+D to check the word in Google multilingual dictionary instantly. Press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste text without format information (font, size, color, etc). These functions are free: you will never get nag screens when using them.

GT4T is available in two versions: Word Edition and Professional Edition. Word Edition is an word add-on that works within Microsoft Word and Professional Edition Works in all applications. The two versions can coexist on one computer. If you buy the license for the pro edition, the Word edition will also be licensed.

Hot keys Summary:

Word Edition Professional Edition Action
CTRL+ALT+H CTRL+J Replace selected text with its translation from Google Translate
CTRL+SHIFT+V CTRL+J Copy some text and paste the translation elsewhere.

Replace with translation followed by source text in bracket,e.g.

“love” is replaced by “爱 (love)”

CTRL+ALT+D CTRL+SHIFT+D Check Google on-line dictionary
CTRL+SHIFT+V CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste plain text (text with no format information)

Translate current segment (Workbench, Tageditor, Trados2009, SDLX,

Wordfast pro)


Translate next segment (Workbench, Tageditor, Trados2009, SDLX,

Wordfast pro)

CTRL+ALT+G Set up language pair

Support: You are always welcome to contact me about anything. You can use the Contact me page to send me an email. I use cell phone pushmail technology so I usually can receive your mail instantly and reply to it very quickly (Except sleeping time of course!).


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Hello Dallas,

Any chance this good tool of yours may work on SDL CAT?


Yes, Emilio. I will be working on a version that works in any applications.

Do you mean SDLX?

Thanks for this. It works wonderfully.

Hi Dallas,

Great stuff, thanks a lot! I was wondering if GT4Word could support tags, by e.g. sending a string for translation to Google without tags or with some placeholders, and inserting the tags back in the target string? Wordfast does that but the placeholders are not replaced with tags and it’s a bit messy.

Good luck

Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for new ideas. But I am not sure what types of tags you refer to. Could you explain a little more?

Hi Dallas,

Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. What I meant was tagged text, like HTML or XML prepared for translation as RTF or Doc files with Trados internal and external styles applied. Since not everyone uses Trados, the new feature could simply ignore any text in .

As it is now, when you send a string with tags to Google, it returns lots of weird code with the tag content (like Font, Head, Title etc.) translated.

I clicked on GT4Word.exe (Word 2003 is closed) and the dialogue says:
“The procedure entry point xxxx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”

Thank you Micha for reporting this. It is caused by the Windows Installer. I have sent you the .dot file so you can manually install it.

Hi Dallas

This is really a great help, thanks!


Hi Dallas,

Occasionally I am taking advantage of the 1.36 version and it works great, many thanks, a brilliant idea! Anyway, I tried to upgrade to the latest one (i.e. v2.10) and received an error towards the end of the installation process (Error 1316. A network error occured while attempting to read from the file “C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Local Settings\Application Data\Downloaded Installations\…\GT4Word.msi”).. Nothing was modified.. However, nothing was installed;(

And, one more thing, having tried the application in the workplace, I was not able to retrieve any translations from the Google MT. Could it be the proxy blocking the traffic in/out? Is there a way to overcome this? It works fine at home;)

Many thanks and keep up the good work!


Hi Horac,

To install 2.xx, you need to uninstall the 1.xx version first. I changed the software name from GT4Word to GT4translators as 2.xx works in all applications other than Word. Please deinstall your 1.36 and try the installer again. Please contact me if it still doesn’t work. I will tell you how to install manually without that installer.

I don’t the situation about your office. If you can visit websites, you will be able to use it. You can press CTrl+ALT+G and check the “use” option to try again.

It doesn’t work on Mac. Any plans for Mac?

Hi Amy, unfortunately I don’t have Mac to test on and I don’t have any plans to develop a Mac version yet.

Will it work with SDL Trados Studio 2009?

Yes FX. It works with trados 2009.

Thank you for Google translate.
I have a problem with it.
My language direction in English – Arabic.
on using the dictionary button, it gives Chinese stuff, don’t know why!!
Kindly advise me on what I can do to avoid this.

Dear Mrs Rehim,

Please check out if you are using the latest version. It works fine on my computer for your pair.


Also press down CTRL+ALT+G to make sure that you have set the language pair to English to Arabic.


Hi Mrs. Rehim,

It suddenly occurs to me that the problem you mentioned might be caused by improper encoding of the webpage.

On the dictionary results page, right click your mouse, go to Encoding in the middle and choose Arabic.


Sorry, you should choose UTF-8 as the encoder.



How can I download the test version? Does it work for Mac?

Hi Silvia,

It doesn’t work on Mac. Use this link to download:


But can you or anyone here suggest a good way of using GT4T with Wordfast Anywhere?
I am impressed with Wordfast Anywhere, especially its $0 price and high speed, but I don’t like the automatic MT it gives me, which is always bad and I have to erase it before translating. I end up just referring to the google MT to confirm terms. That’s why I love your GT4T.
Any ideas? My pair is Japanese to English.

Do you plan a shortcut key combo that would allow us to translate all instances of a word in a document? In other words, in addition to ctl + alt + H that translates one selection only, could you make another shortcut that would include both the translation and also find and replace all instances?


Thank thas Betsy. Replacing all instances of a document is a wonderful idea. I will add that to the next version.

Hi Dallas
I just downloaded the version for Word and it says I need to set the language pair.
Ctl + alt + g doesn’t do anything here – is there another way to set the language pair?

Hi Joss,

If you are using Word 2003, go to Tools -> Macro ->Macros –> find “SetupLanguagePair” in the macro list and click run.


Elo i have a problem installing it on a pc running under xp.Get the following message error reading setup initialization file

Hi Shana,

I am sorry that the installer doesn’t work out on your computer. I have prepared two files that you can use to manually install GT4T. It is very easy too.

First you need to click on the following links to download two files:

To use GT4T_pro, copy the file gt4t.exe anywhere and run.

To install GT4T_Word, copy the file to:

C:\Documents and Settings\your windows user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup (in Windows xp)

C:\Users\Your windows user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP (in Windows Vista or Windows 7).

And restart your word.

After installing and running gt4t.exe, click on the green arrow on your system tray (bottom right) or press down CTRL+ALT+G for help.

I hope this helps! Thank you Shana


Hi Dallas,
I liked your tool very much, so I bought the Pro version. There’s a little problem that’s bugging me.. If there’s a period in the middle of the sentence like in e.g. or i.e. the whole translation is not returned.
Es gibt drei Module z.B. A, B und C.
There are three modules e.g.

Any fix for this?


Hi Shri,

This is because Google mistakenly regards the period as end of sentence, which sometimes is not. I will try to fix this next week.I am sorry for this delay as I am too busy with translation projects this week.


Hi Shri,

The bug is fixed. Please download the new version.


Dear Dallas,

I tested the SW and it works fine but what will happen if Google alters its website layout??? Will it be working yet???

Dear Mauricio,

I will release a new version as soon as possible to make it work. In fact, that just happened around one week earlier.


Dear Dallas,

I like your idea. Even if I did not test it already, I will for sure do it soon. Ande, before anything else, I will publish a post on my blog, the translation’s observer (L’Observatoire de la traduction) :

Thanks again, and all the best !


Dear Dallas,

I just had a bad surprise today. When installing GT4T on my new PC (Windows 7 x64), it keep telling me that my activation code isn’t valid. Will I need a different code for each OS? I tried to email you, to no avail. Both your gmail address and your address keep bouncing back.

I think it is very important to know the licensing policy when we format the HD or change a computer. As it is in Denise case…

Mr. Dallas, can you clarify?



hi Mauricio,

If you change a computer, just write to me and I will provide you a new code. Denise has got his new activation code immediately after I received his message.


Hi Dallas, when will the version for SDLX be ready? Thanks and congratulation for this excellent tool!!!! Remo

Hi Remo,

The pro version works with any application including SDLX.


I am a translator of Punjabi(Indian) and Hindi languages. If you can givem me some idea about your software, I shall be great full for that.

Hi Dallas,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a useful tool at such a fair price. It’s just what I was looking for and has been instrumental in speeding up my work.

Thanks again :-)


I’m Ashfaqu Hussain from pakistan sind, i need help for speaking english if some body done this work, i w’ll highly oblighed them.

Ashfaqu Hussain
sukkur Sind

Hi Dallas!
I’ve been getting this peculiar message in Google Translate (the website) :
We’re sorry…
… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.
To continue searching, please type the characters you see below: (button “I’m human”).

Needless to say, GT4T is not working either, nothing appears in the segment when I hit Ctrl+Alt+M.
What could be the problem?


Hi Shri,

Thank you for writing to me. This problem is related to your internet connection. You will need to contact your internet service provider. It looks like that you are using a shared IP and the IP is blacklisted by Google.

One solution is to change your IP. If you are using a fixed IP, you can again contact your internet provider to do that. Alternatively you can try using VPN. Search VPN on the internet and you will find a lot of providers.

Hope this helps!


Dallas, I’m a bit unhappy with your choice GT4T as a name. We’ve been using T4T for over ten years now. So maybe you could at least refer Macintosh users to our site, seeing that you only support Windows.
Kind regards,

Hello Dalas,
I am working well with your tool, however, following error happens during my work. I work with Wordfast in Word file from Vietnamese to English with you pro version:

• Có thực hiện công việc theo mức phí đã thoả thuận ban đầu không?

• â € ¢ oeA ³ thá »± c hiá» ‡ n CÃ’ng viá »‡ c by má» © c phá º £ nà £ agreed thuá º n Ä’á º § u ban khÃ’ng?

Could you please take a look to see what can be done to solve the problem?


Hi Dieu,

I tried your pair with the sentence and it returns the correct result both in Wordfast and in notepad.

“Performing work under the original fee agreed not? ”

Are you sure you are using the latest version? Did you check if the working language pair is correctly set? Could you try it in Word by hitting CTRL+ALT+H and see the result? Let me know.


Hi Dallas, It seems a very useful tool… But the Ctrl-ALT-H shortcut doesn’t work, it starts my hardware analysis (HP Pavilion, Vista Word2007, Wordfast). How can I change that?

Hi Dallas,

useful tool. A couple of questions:

1) Whenver I translate a numbered list in Word, the translation results get all scrambled up (I think it may have to do with the leading tab). The workaround is to remove the number list formatting, translate, and then add the formatting again, but it is pretty annoying. Any chance you couold do something about it?

2) What are these new options in the interface drop down list (, and GT API)? What’s the difference between the various options?

Hi Riccardo,

I am aware of the problem in 1). Processing format information can be very tedious. For the moment, please just select texts for GT to translate:-)

2. is an url based api officially provided by is to submit text to GT webpage and get results from it (which is not officially recommended by Google). GT API uses the local ajax google api… Anyway, if one mode doesn’t work properly, you may try the rest.

Hi Dallas:

Would it be possible to add Bing as a translation engine (since they also publish their APIs)?

I find that for certain language pairs Bing provides a better translation than Google – it would be really nice to be able to choose which engine to use from time to time (although I suppose the name would then have to change to G&BT4T – which looks really unpronounceable!)


Hi, Dallas,

I wonder why did you throw out such useful feature as PastePlainText from latest version GT4T for Word? It brought me to return to V 2.76.

Hi Alex,

It’s a bug. I will fix it now and let you know.


Hi Dallas, this morning (CET time) Google obviously changed some of the coding of their tool so GT4T now generates both source and target texts in the Trados target box.

Hi Dallas,
I’ve come across a new issue in GT4T. Since a couple of days, this is the result I’m getting on hitting Ctrl+Alt+M:
Src text:
In diesem Zusammenhang hat sie für die tekom unter anderem an den Qualitätsanforderungen für Online-Informationen mitgearbeitet.

Tgt text:
[[[In this context, it has worked for the tekom among other things, the quality requirements for online information.,In diesem Zusammenhang hat sie für die tekom unter anderem an den Qualitätsanforderungen für Online-Informationen mitgearbeitet.,]],,de]
The target text gives both English and German versions with some extra characters.
This happens even if I use Hotspot shield. Any way to correct this?


Hi Dallas,

GT4T uesd to work really wall until yesterday on my Win XP SP3. Yesterday MS sent a major XP update, and after then GT4T does not work any more. Ctrl+J jenerates an error with the following ID:
EventType clr20r3 P1: gt4t_api.exe P2: P4: 4bc018ee P4: googletranslateapi P5: P6: 4ba32b97 P7: 2b P8: 3a P9: google.api.googleapiexceptionverkoopresultaten.
Changing mode to googleapis or ctrl+J does not give an error, but does not produce any result either.

I tried to disinstall and reinstall and at the end of reinstall i got another error (I cannot reproduce it now)

After that gt4t can be started normally, but than it still produces the same error described above.

I reinstalled again after a reboot. After the co the installation completed the following message window titled “upgradeer pro” appeared: Runtime error ‘-2146697211 (800c0005)’ System error -2146697211




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