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Prize-winning translator specializing in Information Technology

I believe we can do something really well only if we enjoy doing it. I love translation: a game of understanding and expressing, of balancing faithfulness and naturalness, and of giving a new life to a text. As the proud winner of 4th proz.com translation contest for the English to Chinese pair, I can play this game really well.

The other thing I feel enthusiastic about is programming. I went to an engineering college and studied theoretical and computational linguistics in my post graduate years, I learnt the following subjects in my formal education (though I forgot most part.)

  • Singlechip Z80 assembly language (Yes, I actually did have this course!)
  • calculus
  • advanced algebra
  • mathematical statistics
  • discrete mathematics
  • computer graphics
  • computer multimedia processing
  • digital signal processing
  • computer cryptology

With my love of words and my special knowledge in computer science, I am one of the truly competent and qualified IT translators that are hard to find.

Professionalism is my life

I started serious translation as early as 1999 and became a professional translator in 2006. As I enjoy seeing my clients keep coming back, I know why they trust me. I always strive to offer them the highest-quality service possible and never miss a deadline. I understand this is what professionalism means and I know my career depends on it.

Quick response, clear and smooth communication

I maintain my communication with clients mostly via email. I subscribed to China Mobile’s push mail service so I can receive your mails on the go and I can reply to your email really fast. Even if I am driving, I will find a place to park my car to send you a reply. But keep in mind of my time zone. There may be up to several hours of delay when you send a mail while I am sleeping.

I do not subcontract

I do not have plans to start a translation company for the foreseeable future and currently I am not interested in subcontracting. Once I accept a job, you can be sure that it will be done by me. If I am just unavailable or I am not the right person for your project, I can help you find one. Occasionally I may act as a project manager to assign your project to other translators but the bottom line is honesty. I will always be honest with you and you will always know who is working on your project.

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