Welcome to the site of Shouguang Cao (Dallas). We offer English to Chinese translation services and we enjoy making our clients happy with clear communication and quality translation work. We started serious translation in 1999. After so many years in this business, we are fully aware of what professionalism means to us.

Our specialization is game, website and software translation. We have in-depth knowledge of computer science and we can program with various computer languages like Visual Basic, Visual C++, ?ASP, PHP and?Javascript. While we are comfortable with most IT and computer science related text, we also work in a number of other fields and we have acquired specialized knowledge of their terminology, usage, and styles.

We also keep a blog on technology and translation here on this site.


6/4/2010: we are the proud translator of many games sold at Apple App Store.

2/28/2010: We joined the core Google Translation Team.

12/17/2008: We are proud to be the editor for the?friendfeed.com Chinese localization project.?The news release

12/18/2008: For over two years, We have been following through the shooting of the Bollywood and Warner Brothers movie?Chandni Chowk to China. We translated the script, actor and staff resumes, schedules, and everything!